Top Food Brands Missed By Ex-pat Brits

Everyone loves their come comforts, wherever they are in the world. Figures show that even when people jet off for an exciting new adventure, it’s that taste of home that helps make comfort food, well, comforting. On the list of top food brand ex-pats missed the most, the following came up top:

The good news is, you don’t have to miss any of these brands, as we can deliver them to you right to your doorstep.

Are you an ex-pat still craving the taste of British brands? Leave a comment below as to what foods YOU miss!

UK's Favourity Chocolate Bar Is Snickers

Snickers Tops The List As UK’s Favourite Chocolate Bar

In UK we have a mighty fine selection of chocolate that Brits just can’t go without. Whether you’re an ex-pat who has moved to a different country, or a student going to visit abroad for a period of time and you just can’t go without your favourite snack. We have you covered.

The Snickers bar comes out on top as Britain’s favourite chocolate bar, with the classic Cadbury’s Dairy Milk coming a close second.  The study also found the average UK adult will enjoy 6,048 Bounty, Snickers, Milky Ways and KitKats over their lifetime.

Around 9,072 Double Deckers, Mars Bars, Twix, KitKat Chunky’s, Yorkies and Boost bars will also be consumed alongside 6,804 Cadbury Dairy Milks, Twirls, Kinder Buenos and Lion Bars. *

British chocolate bar brands

It also emerged more than two-fifths of Brits confess to being chocoholics, and 45 per cent would really struggle to try and give up the treat. Well the good is news that you won’t have to! Wherever you are in the world, take a bit of blighty comfort with you. We have a wide range of chocolate and sweet treats as well as biscuits and groceries all in the branded names that you know and love!

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